Woman Ends a Violent Assault by Using the Attacker’s Gun in Self-Defense


She met him on an online dating website, but their meeting turned into a violent assault. Luckily, she was able to use his own gun to defend herself.

A Charleston, WV woman called 911 reporting that she shot a man who was assaulting her and killed him in self-defense. Check out the news video below to see the police and local community’s reaction.

Their date turned deadly when he began to beat and strangle the woman in her home. At one point during the violence, the man set his gun down and that’s when the victim fought back.

She grabbed the gun and fired over her shoulder, killing the man and saving her own life. Thankfully, she was uninjured and was still able to contact police to report the incident.

The incident should remind us that the people we invite people we trust into our homes. No matter what someone says, if they’re a stranger be aware that they might have bad intentions.

We must be aware at all times of visitors in our homes. Never open the door to anyone you’re not sure about and if people are inside, know where your protection is.

It’s also a good reminder to stay trained on how to use firearms even if you don’t own one. Knowing how to handle a firearm in a crisis situation can end up being what saves your life.

In this woman’s case, she was able to find a weapon and use it to defend herself, even though it wasn’t hers. It pays to train with several firearms and teach others how to respect various types of guns. There just may be a time when using an unfamiliar weapon is the only chance of survival.

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