Would People Still Get Training If All States Were Permitless Carry?


A lot of people think if the law doesn’t require gun training, new gun owners won’t seek it. This assumption doesn’t hold up, though. Jut look at the training rates after Idaho became permitless to answer that question.

According to John Sowell, journalist for the Idaho Statesman, Idahoans have continued to seek gun training despite the state going permit-less. This permit-less status was enacted in July. Anyone 21 years or older can carry a concealed weapon in most public places without a permit.

Firearms instructor Joe Torock told the paper, “People are still coming in great numbers. The net effect is that a lot of people like the idea that they can carry a concealed weapon without a license, but they’re also looking for the training that it involves.”

What’s Really Motivating Gun Owners?
Before we give humankind all of the kudos for non-required training, there is something that motivates many of them. While Idaho is permit-less carry, other states are not, so if anyone wants to conceal carry in those others states, they need a permit/license. To acquire that permit/license, they need to complete a firearms training course satisfactory.

Since Idaho became permit-less carry, the number of people seeking a permit for carrying over to other states has increased. What has probably happened is more people are interested in carrying guns because they don’t have to get a permit, and now that they do, they want to be able to take them anywhere they go.

To carry concealed weapons into other states, most laws require at least eight hours of training. This training includes:
Firearm laws
Use of deadly force
Safe handling
Use of firearms
Live-fire instruction

With the influx of people carrying and wanting to carry across borders, it makes sense that training is still in demand. It’s a requirement gun owners cannot get away from, if they want to carry. The question is, would training still be in demand if all states were permit-less?

The Motivation for Training Should Be the Gun Not the Law
The truth of the matter is that training is important. Everyone who carries a gun should know how to carry it and use it. They should also know how to store it when not in use. These lessons are taught extensively in gun training courses.

Permit or no permit should have no influence on training. Training should be independent of legal requirements. Each individual has a responsibility to be safe with a gun in public. To do this, training is needed.