A World of Color at SHOT Show


Black can be classic. Black can be pretty. But all black, all the time? It can be boring. And with more of us women getting into shooting, we like a little bling. Not all of us, but many of us.

At first, most products were made pink, to attempt to hit our bling sweet spot. It’s a nice thought, but we’re not one homogenous group, and we don’t all love pink. Thankfully, that idea has been picking up steam, and at this years’ SHOT Show, there was a lot of color to be seen. Among the sea of black, it was obvious when I’d walk through the aisles and spy a bright color that caught my eye. I’d find myself thinking, “Oooo, what’s that?!” and head towards it like the Starship Enterprise caught in a Vulcan tractor beam. I’d place my hand gently on a cherry red hand guard, caressing it with love. “Stop petting the guns,” my husband would admonish me. “But they’re so pretty,” I’d respond.

I rarely gravitated towards pink, but hey, I don’t begrudge any woman (or man) who might love it. I noticed my preferences were reds and greens. I also noticed it wasn’t just pretty guns I was drawn to. Colorful targets, knives, hand guards, grips, bags, even binoculars, drew my attention.
Concealed carry purses are starting to get even better, and of course, we can’t overlook the great ear protection that allows a gal to sport some bling.

In case you think the great colors are just for women, I have news for you. One vendor told me that their line of products in a variety of colors has been very popular with men as well. As a matter of fact, most of their orders were from men. So perhaps previously none of the men had wanted to say anything but just maybe they are tired of plain old black as well. So guys, we’re glad we’ve been able to help you out as well.

We hope more of you are encouraged to expand your color options and enjoy a new way to add personality to your firearms as well. And ladies, keep it up, manufacturers are listening to us and creating the things we’re asking for. Let’s support them and get out there and get our bling on!